Steven Bui

Operations Analyst, Web Developer, Front End Developer, Software Engineer, Data Analyst


About Me

Software and Operations Analyst

I specialize in optimizing workflows and identifying inefficiencies for companies. I have experience with large datasets, frontend development, and enterprise hardware deployment. My free time is split between looking at pictures of my dogs, Porsches, and mexican food.


Education & Expericence

My Education


San Diego State University | 2016-2020

My Expericence


Apple (via Zen3) | Contract | 2021-2022

  • Oversaw collection of data for FaceID mask and glasses recognition project
  • Reduced eye data intake time by 25% by eliminating excess redundancies
  • Communicate with developers to optimize project applications and cross-team workflows
  • Perform data audits to ensure compliance with company standards
  • Create and integrate Airtable automation with Acuity, RingCentral, and Zendesk
  • Implemented automation to update records when certain conditions were met, reducing manual data entry and ensuring accuracy.
  • Incorporated Fedex API with Airtable to track and inventory all project supplies
  • Imported hundreds of legacy Excel sheets to Airtable bases
  • Automated the generation and delivery of weekly reports to management, saving time and ensuring data-driven decision-making.
  • Regularly organize meetings with management and developers to discuss project changes
  • Train multiple overseas teams on updated IT protocols and proper use of internal software
  • Create digestible technical documentation to onboard members
  • Configure and maintain onsite IT while providing technical support for several ongoing projects throughout the world
  • Work with management to streamline operations and improve data throughput


My Skills

Workflow Optimization
Techincal Support


My Services

Web Design

Creating elegant designs that are intuitive to interact with

Web Development

Developing functional websites for entrepreneurs and small businesses at competitive prices

Database Management

Maintaining and providing custom solutions for client databases

Workflow Optimization

Tailored solutions for redesigning, automating, and scaling workflows

Team Communication

Assessing team communication and identifying bottlenecks that negatively impact productivity and collaboration


Consulting clients on how to update SOP and technical documentation for smoother onboarding processes and streamlining training


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